Deceptions and Aliens

Author’s Note: I’ve decided to go back to posting a few #fridayflash pieces based on prompts from the totally awesome This week’s prompt: “Pick a book of fiction you’d never read (e.g., if you read sci-fi, pick a romance). Open to a random page and read the last couple paragraphs of the page. DO NOT TURN THE PAGE. Now continue writing the story. Feel free to change the genre as you write.”

Ready? Strap in.


From the novel “Deceptions” by Judith Michael
Copyright 1982 by JM Productions Ltd.
Page 321

“Garth removed the ivory combs in her hair and the heavy waves fell over her shoulders, bronze in the dim light. He looked at her slender body and passed his hands along the clear, silken skin as if he had never seen it before. Her ripe fullness lifted toward him, her head high and proud as he gazed at her. I am a part of us, her eyes said, and my beauty is greater because you desire me.

Once again he gathered her into his arms, her softness curving against the muscles of his arms and stomach and legs, the warmth of her body merging into his. They held each other, treasuring their desire, for now they knew it would be fulfilled. At last he bent his-”
head away from hers. Thank God, she thought. Another second and his breath would have knocked me out. Inter-species breeding was still new and apparently there were still some kinks to be worked out. That’s OK, she thought chuckling to herself. I have some kinks of my own that need sorting first.

“Why are you laughing?” asked Garth. His smoldering eyes searched her voluptuous body for answers.

“It’s just I’ve never seen eyes actually smolder before,” said Katherine. “In my world it’s a horrible cliché.” She bit her lip. The last thing she wanted was to insult him, especially now. In his current state of full arousal he could accidentally kill her.

“I’m sorry,” he said climbing off her.

“Please don’t leave.” She grabbed one of his eight arms and pulled him back on top of her. “I find the smell quite pleasurable. It turns me on.”

She lifted her head to his and kissed his lips, tasting the warmth of smoked Gouda as her tongue explored the depths of his mouth.

“Oh Garth,” she whispered, her lips brushing his antennae. They lay entwined on the hotel bed, Garth’s full weight pressed upon her.

“Garth,” she breathed, pounding her fists against his back and the bed. “Garth,” she moaned, it was barely audible. “GARTH!”

“Oh dear Jebbus!” he exclaimed shifting his weight off her. “How clumsy of me to forget you don’t have an exoskeleton.” Katherine lay panting on the bed. “Did I hurt you? Should we stop?”

No you didn’t hurt me and no we shouldn’t stop,” she said tracing her long slender finger down his thorax toward his groin. “It’s been too long since I’ve had something between my legs that wasn’t plugged into the wall.”

Then in an surprising turn of events the reader didn’t see coming she devoured him and thought his leftovers tasted better the second day.

Author’s note Redux: See, this is why I have no business writing romance. And by the way books from the ‘free’ table at the annual library book sale aren’t always worth it.

25 thoughts on “Deceptions and Aliens

  1. great stuff, well, apart from the first two paras. I liked how it went from romance, to sci-fi to romantic sci-fi and left us with a black widow end. Looks like a fun exercise, I’ll have to give it a go.

  2. That’s fantastic. Inter-species hijinks is the best part of sci fi, if you ask me. Especially when it veers macabre. Bravo, sir.

    Also, yes, never ever write romance.

  3. oh my word, those first two paragraphs were….. aaaarrrrgggh.
    that was seriously hard work, reading them – people read this sort of thing for pleasure?!

    Most amusing, Chris – inter-species breeding and inter-genre reading!

  4. Whew! For a moment I thought those first two paragraphs were your work. Wasn’t judging.

    The parts that are your writing? Seriously amusing!

    Surprising turn of events, indeed. 🙂

  5. I like!! My husband reads Science Fiction very similar to how the first two paragraphs started (the extract bit), but I’m pretty sure that they don’t end the way you ended it! I have to be honest I thought the ending was genius- I have to admit I wanted a bit more of the detail though!! Exactly how did she devour him?!! Thanks for making me giggle!! 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh Chris I am cracking up here! I like your take on romance much better than the cliched norm, that’s for sure. “…in his full state of arousal he could accidentally kill her.” Ha! I hope you’ll do this again.

  7. See… “No you didn’t hurt me and no we shouldn’t stop” – who hasn’t heard THAT before?

    Romance scares the crap out of me too. I can do erotica, ish, but the romance thing is so hard and fast. Harry Potter level rules but with a FAR LONGER history.

    Try some erotica, if you’re not constrained. It’s a friendlier crowd. You just have to establish HOW friendly.

  8. Laughing & shaking my head here. You are one brave soul to tackle that hot mess. The fact that you decided an alien’s mouth tastes like Gouda is very very funny to me! 🙂 I think you should do another humor-sci-fi, this was fun!

  9. Crazy hilarious. Those first 2 starter paragraphs were painful. Enjoyed the direction you took it in, and glad you dived full in with a big splash. It’s an interesting idea starting from a random paragraph.

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