On Cuban Heels

Author’s Note: This piece was written for WriteAnything.com’s [fiction]Friday prompt: “Hong Kong Rain on Cuban Heels”  It contains adult themes.  Hope you like it.
Mei held a red shoe in her delicate hands.  Its color matched her short, manicured nails.  She ran her fingers slowly up and down the shaft of the heel, tracing it’s delicate tapered shape.

She seemed enthralled with the way the shoe’s heel slightly tapered to a point.  I didn’t even notice.  I was more concerned with her curves, how her hips tapered into long slender legs.  Perfectly shaped I imagined how they would curl around my back.  And her breasts, Jesus Christ, her breasts were astounding.  That was all I cared about.    She stared at me with her gray eyes.  Her long lashes, like sultry runways, guiding me into her soul.

“So can I have them?” she asked.

“Yeah sure you can have them.  But if I’m paying 1000 dollars for shoes you have to wear them.”

“Of course I’m going to wear them.”

“I mean tonight.  Now.  You put them on and you can’t take them off, no matter what… activities we partake in.”

She bit her bottom lip, smudging her blood red lips.  Then she smiled, shifted her weight slightly to thrust her hip into my leg and whispered “Yes sir.”

I leaned into her pressing against her warm hard body.  She broke away from me after a moment, her fingers brushing softly across my groin.  She smiled in mock surprise when she sensed the level of my arousal.

She sat down on the cold hard bench spreading her legs.  Not wide and obscene, but subtle and sultry.  The store manager entered from the back room, his arms laden with several boxes.  He placed them on the floor beside her.  She slid off her shoe and without taking her eyes off mine, extended her long delicate leg up to him.  Her dress rode up her thighs and I was sure he could see all the way up her dress.

The manager fumbled with the shoe and slid it on.  The dismay of it being a perfect fit showed clearly on his face.  He mumbled something about being too good at his job and made to stand.

“Please,” she said, still looking at me.  “Put on the other one.  I wish to wear them out.”

The manager took much longer this time as he worked the buckles on the thin straps.  Then when he could stall no longer, stood and went to the register.

Once outside we started toward the water front.

“You look amazing in those,” I said squeezing her rump.  Her thank you was a kiss on the cheek and a playful nibble on my ear lobe that sent small bolts of lightning through my entire body.  A gentle rain began to fall as we neared our destination.  We were about to pass the last alley before the road opened onto the marina when she tugged my hand and led me into the dark.

Smiling she ran her hands down my chest toward my belt.  She leaned in and kissed me hard on the mouth as her fingers deftly worked the buckle.  My hands found the soft mounds of her breasts and in a fit of passion I pushed her against the wall.  She rained kisses on my neck and chest in time to the rhythmic drumming of the late summer rain.  Her hand snaked its way into my pants and found purchase.  She gently squeezed while also biting down hard on my neck.

“Damn it, Mei,”  I said, wrenching my head back.  She squeezed my groin harder and pulled my head to her wanton mouth with her other hand.  “What the fuck-”

She sucked on my neck while her other hand stroked rapidly.  Her rhythm changed to match the beating of my heart.  I could feel myself slipping away.  I could feel my world becoming darker and quieter.  I could feel my heart slowing and still she sucked.

I awoke to cold rain pelting my face.  My eyes fluttered open and I placed my hand on my neck.  It was tender and sticky.  I heard Mei laughing as I struggled to pull myself up.

“Don’t move, lover.  You’ll be alright.  Thanks for the fun.”

I tried to speak, but could not find the strength even for that.  I watched her walk away as my eye lids grew heavy.  I struggled to stay awake, to call her name.  I knew what she was and I didn’t care.  I wanted her.  She grew smaller in my sight as my eyes finally closed around the last vision of my undead lover with Hong Kong drizzle on Cuban heels.